Siesta Key Fishing Vacation – Secrets from Locals 

Siesta Key Fishing Vacation – Secrets from Locals

If you are a couple who loves fishing adventures together, a Siesta Key fishing vacation would be a great choice.  

You have two options when it comes to fishing in Siesta Key. You can reserve your place on a fishing charter, allowing professionals familiar with the area to guide you to the best fishing spots out on the water. That is the more expensive route, but you have access to insider tips and recommendations that could make a big difference in the outcome of your fishing adventures.

The second option is to stick to the shores on your own, taking advantage of fishing hot spots known to many locals. Regardless of which option you choose, the following secrets from local fishermen will help you plan a fun, relaxing, and adventurous fishing vacation in Siesta Key.

Don’t Rule Out Winter Siesta Key Fishing 

If your primary vacation goal is to spend as much time as possible fishing, you may want to visit Siesta Key in December or January. While the weather isn’t as warm as in the summer and spring, you can still expect daytime temperatures around 70 degrees and nighttime temps around 50 degrees. If you time your fishing trips wisely, you can catch a lot of fish while avoiding the crowds that often hit the beach in the warmer months.

Fish Hunting Is a Welcomed Challenge

Do you want a unique fishing experience? You can try something new by going out to hunt redfish in the shallow waters. This requires intimate knowledge of the fish that you’re hunting as well as the right gear and effective strategies for winning the psychological battle between human and fish. This is a new experience that you may want to try just for kicks while you’re in  Siesta Key, but don’t feel let down if you aren’t as successful as you would like the first time around.

The Little-Known Fishing Spots

Many visitors stick to the southern shores of Turtle Beach for fishing. That’s a recognized area for this activity, and many resorts and hotels will point you in that direction if you’re not familiar with the area. If you really want to fish like a local, you’ll find the hidden spots that aren’t so crowded by vacationers. Here are a few places that you can look:

  • The north end of Beach Road around the old pier
  • Underneath Siesta Drive Bridge
  • The area surrounding the Ringling Bridge

If you prefer to stick to the resorts and other areas where you feel the safest, consider staying at the Fisherman’s Cove. It’s located in a quiet area of southern Turtle Beach and offers multiple areas for fishing. You will still need to purchase a fishing license for each adult planning to fish. This is a requirement that you don’t want to skip even if you do decide to head out to a more secluded bridge or pier to fish in peace and it may even be a little romantic for you.

Are you ready to dip your hook in the water and see what tugs on your line? Planning a successful Siesta Key vacation starts with your accommodations, so think about what attractions you will frequent the most when selecting a hotel, bungalow, resort, or inn.

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