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My Favorite Pensacola Restaurants

If you are looking for unique Pensacola restaurants you have made it to the perfect page. Pensacola has an incredible history and a varied culture that really shines in their restaurant and food scene. Everywhere I eat while here is not only an experience but a friendly assault on all of my senses! I have selected my list not only for the incredible food at these locations but for their vibrant and sometimes quirky atmosphere that really embodies the feel of this historical city. These are all restaurants in the downtown area but I will be adding my Pensacola Beach selections soon so check back!

Breakfast and brunch

Polonza Bistro: When looking for that morning meal fix I always alternate between my two favorite Pensacola restaurants in town for morning meals. The Polonza Bistro has a lot going for it.  The name is inspired by historical records of the Spanish who originally settled the area referred to Pensacola Bay as Polonza hence the name.

The Bistro is a local hang out for brunch and it has a quaint rustic look and feel. They source as many their ingredients locally and keep food fresh and flavorful. It is locally owned by two siblings who have a passion for the towns rich culture and history. They use this passion as creative inspiration for the dishes served in their restaurant. I am a big backer of supporting small business owners and the passion the owners have for their city and their restaurant (not to mention the great food) keeps me coming back again and again! For more info visit their website here.

Palace Cafe: The Palace cafe is one of several great Pensacola restaurants to get your morning coffee fix. It's located inside the Seville Quarter and has an old world feel and vibe. It's the perfect place to grab a cup of Joe with your favorite book and settle in to let you imagination run wild. I would also say it's a great place to write. Especially if you write historical novels. They also offer a full menu for breakfast lunch and dinner and the food is beautifully done. The location itself is grand and highly memorable! You will definitely want to bring your camera if you are visiting. To read more about the Palace cafe I have provided this Pensacola restaurant's website for you here.

The Ruby Slipper: The Ruby Slipper is a New Orleans-based restaurant that has branched out to several other cities and locations. They specialize in southern-influenced dishes with am an emphasis on incredible indulgent breakfasts! The food here is so so good on your taste buds but not necessarily on your waist. I promise you if you decide to indulge its worth every delicious fork full you put to your lips. You can view their website here.

Great Pensacola Restaurants for Lunch

Cottage Cafe: This cute little cottage is part of the Victorian bed and breakfast and sits just off to the side the main house. It is strictly a lunch spot and specializes in fresh flavorful sandwiches and wraps.  It's the perfect Pensacola Restaurant to grab a light lunch (or even a picnic meal to go) and be surrounded by quaint charm and ambiance. They have amazing homemade desserts so be sure to save room if you can! For the Cottage cafe's website go to

McGuires Irish Pub:  This place is great for both lunch and dinner. Their slogan is, "Feasting, Imbibery, and Debauchery" so you know right away this Pensacola restaurant has character and a sense of humor. They serve authentic Irish dishes and also have their own brewery. The outside is festive and cheerful but when you walk in you are greeted with a beautifully replicated turn of the century Irish pub that really makes you feel as if you have been transported to Ireland. Talk about atmosphere! I could have happily stayed there forever! They also have live Irish entertainment and throw a heck of a party. Be sure to follow tradition and sign a dollar bill to show you were there and place it along millions of others that line the walls and ceiling. Let me know if you find ours! To see this Pensacola restaurant's website click here.

Dinner And Music

Five Sisters Blues Cafe: I love the vibe and urban feel of this little corner cafe. They are located right in the very heart of the Historical district. They serve up some crazy good southern soul food (new Orleans style) all inspired by handed down family recipes. This Pensacola restaurant has seriously great music. They offer live blues music and on Sundays feature a brunch with live jazz music. It's the kind of place you come to dig in and stay awhile. Just like family! If you are intrigued, visit their website here.

Atlas Oyster House:  This is the perfect place for laid back waterfront dining. The food is great and the view is memorable especially if you go around sunset. It's a local favorite and is known as the go-to place for oysters.  On Mondays, they even have oysters on special for only 25 cents apiece. For more info click here to view their website. 

The Tuscan Oven:  I love a good pizza and this place delivers the most authentic Italian style pizza I have ever had the pleasure of eating.  They cook their pizza pies in a real 500-degree wood-fired Tuscan oven they had brought over from Italy. All of their ingredients are fresh and their dough handmade.  Once you try it regular American delivery pizza just won't be the same. If you want to know more about this  restaurant click here to visit their website.

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