Most Romantic Beaches in Florida on the Gulf Coast

Most Romantic Beaches in Florida on the Gulf Coast

Are you browsing the many romantic beaches in Florida along the Gulf Coast and wondering how you will ever pick just one or two for your honeymoon or an upcoming romantic getaway? 

You do have a lot of choices, and that’s why the Gulf Coast is one of the most popular U.S. destinations for those seeking romance.

Our Favorite Romantic Beaches in Florida for Couples

Before you make your choice, take a moment to learn about some of the most romantic beaches in Florida up for consideration.

Lovers Key

This is the name of a secluded beach on a barrier island contained within Lovers Key State Park. While the beach is only two miles long, it’s a beautiful location that is often far less crowded than many other Gulf Coast beaches. It’s also a good place to spot dolphins and manatees, and you may see some water-loving creatures in the sand as you pick up shells or walk hand-in-hand. This island is convenient to Naples, Cape Coral, and Fort Myers, and you’ll find some luxurious resorts on neighboring islands.

Lighthouse Park on St. George Island

Sometimes the most romantic beaches offer more than white sand and refreshing water. In the case of the beach on St. George Island, that something extra is a lighthouse that offers spectacular views if you take the time to climb up to the top. After you stare out at the beautiful water and steal a kiss or two with the beach in the background, you can browse the museum built into the lighthouse and listen to the shopkeepers talk about the impressive history of the lighthouse. Of course, the beach on this island is rather impressive even without the lighthouse experience and there are many small oyster shacks in the surrounding area.

Siesta Key

Siesta Key Sign

You’ll find this beach on a barrier island approximately seven miles south of Sarasota. While it’s one of the more popular Gulf Coast beaches in Florida, it’s also one of the best beaches for fun water sports, boating trips, and dolphin sightings. Those who consider having fun together an important element of a romantic trip will appreciate the wide variety of activities, and all lovers will appreciate the secluded cottages tucked along the shoreline. There are also many restaurants along the beach that offer just the right ambiance for romance while offering some of the freshest seafood in the country.

Clearwater Beach

This beach offers soft white sand and stunning emerald waters, but it’s the location that sets it apart from many other romantic Gulf Coast beaches. While you can enjoy a romantic sunset cruise or set out in a glass-bottom boat, you can also dance the night away right on the beach and head into Clearwater for a variety of romantic activities on dry land. There are also many hotels and resorts near this beach, so chances are high that you can find prices that are just as romantic as holding hands on the beach.

Are you ready for romance? If your heart is full of love and you’re ready to let it show, any of these beaches will give you a multitude of opportunities. Once you make that final choice and book your accommodations, you’re one big leap closer to trading the stress of daily life for relaxation and romance. 

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