Siesta Key Beach Vacation Must-See Checklist 

Siesta Key Beach Vacation Checklist

Are the two of you ready for a Siesta Key Beach vacation?  Then here is a checklist of what you will want to do on your visit.

It’s a given that you’ll spend plenty of time on the beach when you head to Siesta Key for a vacation. Sand on Siesta Key Beach is 99 percent quartz, which makes it incredibly silky and almost like powder under your feet. You can also visit other nearby beaches, including Crescent Beach and Turtle Beach. If you visit in the summer when temperatures are above 80 degrees, the beaches alone can easily fill up your time with water sports, sun bathing, and people watching. Yet, there are some off-sand sights that you want to see while you’re in town

Siesta Key Beach Vacation Favorites: 

  • The Big Picture: You must see Siesta Key from the sky, and parasailing is the most adventurous way to do it. You’ll see the ocean in a new way while taking in the bigger picture of the beaches and other land features. There’s a chance you’ll see dolphins in the water, and pelicans may pass you up high. If you visit in the warmer months when swimming is an option, you may opt to dip into the water for an even more rewarding experience. 

  • The View Down Under: If you’re relaxing on the beach and start to wonder what’s underneath that big, blue ocean, get in the water for a snorkeling or scuba diving adventure. You’ll discover the colorful, active world that you don’t see when splashing in the waves close to shore. There are snorkeling and diving options for beginners, but you can also rent gear and head out for a more adventurous dive if you’re more experienced. 
  • The Dolphins, Whales, and Manatees: You can book time on a charter boat and head out into the ocean to see dolphins, manatees, whales, and other sea creatures in their natural habitat. This is a relaxing experience that gives you a better view of the water, and some experiences include a visit to the Mote Marine Aquarium. Some boat charters also offer sunset cruises, so you can add a touch of romance to your trip if desired. 

  • Point of Rocks: This is a popular beach spot located south of Crescent Beach and north of Turtle Beach. You can easily walk to this area if you stay in an ocean-side hotel on either of those beaches, but locals and visitors driving to the beach have a more entertaining time trying to find parking and walk to this point. Why should you bother? You should take the time to get there at least once because it’s a beautiful spot known as a haven for beginning snorkelers. There’s a lot to see under the water, including miles of spectacular limestone, but the water is calm and less threatening than in other areas.

  • Fresh Florida Produce & More: You’ll find the Siesta Farmer’s Market at 5124 Ocean Boulevard, and it’s a great place to grab fresh produce as well as affordable wine and a variety of handmade goods crafted by locals. You never know what you’ll find here, so make sure to stop in at least once on your Siesta Key vacation.

Are you ready to pamper yourself in Siesta Key? Make sure to select your traveling season wisely because it can make a big difference in what you get to do while on vacation. 

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