Destin Florida Honeymoon Ideas for Newlyweds

Destin Florida Honeymoon Ideas for Newlyweds

Is a Destin Florida honeymoon right for you?  Many newlyweds find it the perfect place to getaway.  

Sitting in Florida’s northwest panhandle directly on the shores of the Gulf of Mexico, Destin is a playground for honeymooners. There are multiple resorts offering romantic accommodation packages, spa services, and challenging golf courses. The beaches stretch on for miles, offering a variety of water sports, cruises, and opportunities for sunset cruises and shelling adventures. You can even go back to your childhood and act like children while racing down steep slides at the Big Kahuna’s water park.

Even after narrowing your honeymoon destination down to this one city, you have a lot of decisions to make. To help you plan a Destin honeymoon that suits your personality and expectations, we gathered some fun Florida honeymoon ideas that will suit most newlyweds.

Gulf of Mexico Dolphin Cruise

Spend a couple hours cruising the Gulf of Mexico while listening to an entertaining narrator and looking over the water in hope of catching a few dolphin sightings. Destin Snorkel combines dolphin cruising with shelling in shallow waters.  AJ’s Water Adventures offers romantic sunset dolphin cruises as well as snorkeling cruises and sailing adventures. These short trips are ideal for honeymoons because they’re exciting and intimate at the same time.

Crystal Sands Resort

Why center your honeymoon on Henderson Beach and other popular tourist attractions when there are more intimate beaches that can give you more privacy? Crystal Sands Beach is covered in sugary white sand that is soft on your feet, leading directly to crystal blue water where you can snorkel, swim, and float away the day. This resort offers condos directly on the beach with a boardwalk and many of the amenities offered by larger resorts on more crowded beaches. You can always take day trips to other areas of Destin, returning to your quiet paradise at the end of the day.

HarborWalk Village

Located about three miles from the Big Kahuna’s water park, this village is a hot spot that offers a little bit of everything for everyone. You can head out on the water in a glass-bottom boat or jump right in on a snorkeling adventure. You’ll also find some of the best restaurants and a variety of shopping opportunities all in one convenient location. Fishing is also a big thing in the village, so you may want to take a ride on a charter boat or hold hands as you walk through the docks for a taste of daily life for Florida fishermen.

Adventure Water Sports in Destin Florida Honeymoon

Snorkeling is one thing, but where do you go when you want a heart-racing experience on your honeymoon? If you’re in Destin, you make arrangements for the adventure sport of your choice through companies like Xtreme H20. They will take you out for a parasailing adventure or rent you a pair of jet skis to fly through the water. Pontoon boats are another option, and you can book your dolphin tour while you’re there as well.

These suggestions for Destin activities should give you an idea of the versatility that is possible in this panhandle city for a Destin Florida honeymoon. While you’re scheduling activities and setting reservations, make sure to leave some free time in your itinerary. This gives you a chance to act spontaneously or simply spend time in one another’s arms when you find a cozy spot. Pay special attention to where you will end up when the sun sets each night because Destin sunsets are amazingly beautiful and incredibly romantic. 

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