Things To Do In Destin

welcome to Destin!

Looking for unique things to do in Destin, Florida?

You’re in the right place! As a Florida Gulf local, I can’t wait to show you how much fun is possible to enjoy here in the Destin area.

Even though it’s been transformed from a small fishing town into a thriving tourist attraction, Destin is still called “The World’s Luckiest Fishing Village”.  It’s been said that Florida’s largest fishing vessel fleet is located here.

Sandwiched between the popular destinations of Pensacola and Panama City Beach, Destin provides plenty of interesting choices for fun, celebrations, activities, adventures, great food, entertainment and interesting sights to see.

Crab Island


An interesting note about Crab Island is that it isn't actually an island. However, at one time it was. Over time, the Gulf of Mexico's sand drifts eroded the island until it finally became and underwater sandbar.

There are plenty of activities and adventures to engage in on Crab Island...

There's a giant slide for the kids, floating restaurants, snorkeling, a floating stage where bands play and of course, Crab Island Waterpark, an inflatable obstacle course!

Other fun things to do at Crab Island included kayaking, paddle boarding, volleyball, or simply anchoring your boat and enjoying a beautiful day. 

By the way, the only way to get to it by boat...enjoy!

Crab Island is loads of fun

Things To Do In Destin

looking at the Crab Trap from across the water

Crab Trap: This restaurant is a popular eatery for locals and tourists alike. It’s common to walk out of the Crab Trap feeling good about your meal and the wonderful service received. Great beachfront balcony seating and views of the ocean and sunset.

Gulf Breeze Zoo: About 30 minutes outside Destin, you’ll love the exotic animals and botanical gardens. Take the train ride and enjoy the views. Gorilla Island (where primates live in a natural habitat) can be seen from the zoo every once in a while.

Parasailing: Want the thrill of adventure? Check out Destin Parasailing Adventure. Have you ever seen dolphins or sea turtles from 500 feet above the ground? Talk about a bird’s eye view!

Southern Star Dolphin Cruises: Coming to Destin with your entire family? A dolphin cruise is relaxing and exciting all at the same time. A perfect family outing.

HarborWalk Marina: The marina is located close to the Destin bridge and you can jump on a luxurious yacht or simply admire them as you walk.

Hannah Marie Dolphin Watch & Destin History Cruise: Spend 90 minutes watching playful dolphins. The cruise is narrated and features a glass bottom for amazing dolphin views.

Gulfarium Marine Adventure Park: Another great family outing. Enjoy sea lion and dolphin shows inside a park designed to protect against the rain and hot sun.

Big Kahuna’s Water & Adventure Park: Ready for an exhilarating water park adventure? If thrill rides, water slides, and wave pools sound like the best way to spend a day, then you’re in for a Destin treat.

Fishing Excursions

Deep Sea Fishing Party Boat: You can’t come to “The World’s Luckiest Fishing Village” without adventuring the Gulf of Mexico on a fishing expedition.

Fishing with Kids: Your children will get to experience the thrills of salt water fishing as the captain teaches them all about rigging, tackle, and various fish species.

So far, I’ve covered only a very small portion of all the things to do in Destin. Continue exploring the links below as I help you dive deep into all the best local activities and adventures.

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