Your Mexico Beach Guide to a Great Small Town Beach Vacation!

Welcome to your Mexico Beach Guide! Of all the places I have been to in  the panhandle nothing has quite captured my imagination like Mexico Beach Florida! When talking to natives about the area you will here phrases like, "old Florida" and "authentic Florida" thrown around a lot. That's exactly what this sleepy little beach community is! Its real. Its authentic. Its small town Florida charm on the beach!

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Mexico Beach Guide- Shells galore and where to find them!

Mexico beach is right past the mouth of St Joseph Bay which is known for its diverse ecosystems and wild variety of marine and plant life. This bay is teaming with life and the beaches of Mexico Beach and surrounding areas reap in the shell rewards! A good variety of shells, starfish, and other sea treasures are plentiful if you know when and where to look. 

One of the best locations for shelling is the far east end to the right of the canal. If you google the mexico beach welcome center you can easily find the canal that will take you to this beach access. Follow canal pkwy all the way to the end where the parking lot ends and the beach starts. Once on the beach keep walking to the right. The farther you walk the more frequent and bigger the shells will be!

 This beach is not used very often and is often frequented by locals and for good reason! The beach here is very wide with gorgeous panoramic views, and not a building as far as the eye can see. Its completely undeveloped and has a wild feel to it. Remember to be cautious as bears and other wildlife have been known to frequent the area. Chances are you will be the only one on the beach if you run into trouble! Bring a camera. sunsets here are gorgeous! 

Mexico Beach Guide - fishing!

This little town has become known for its abundant fishing opportunities. In recent years the city has started its own artificial reef project. If fishing here was great once, now it is absolutely booming! The reefs draw in lots of species of game fish, but you don't need to go off shore for a great catch! Fishing is popular all along the beach, but keep in mind you do need a saltwater fishing license for shore fishing. Mexico Beach also has a city fishing pier that you can fish from for free! No license required :) Click here for great area fishing info as well as links to local charters!

Mexico Beach guide- Nightlife and social scene!

If you are anything like me sometimes you just need to let lose and unwind! This laid back town is perfect for a fun relaxing night out. Great local music, lapping waves, and twinkling lights all set the mood for a great evening! Popular evening hangouts include

The Elgovenor Tiki Bar


The Lookout Lounge

Mango Marley's

You can usually find food and live music at these locations during the weekends.

Be sure to check back for our in depth Mexico Beach restaurant guide coming soon!

The list here may seem short but trust me when I say the beauty of mexico beach is in it's simplicity. The best thing about Mexico Beach is there isn't much to Mexico Beach! It's a place where you can unplug, escape, and reconnect with the important things in life. That's how the best memories are made!

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