Florida Honeymoon Ideas on Florida's Gulf Coast

A perfect Florida Honeymoon is what many soon to be married couples dream of. There is a reason Florida is considered a premier honeymoon state! People have been coming here for what seems like forever to sink their toes in the warm white sand while basking in newly wedded bliss.  Maybe it's the calm turquoise waters or the brilliant gulf coast sunsets. whatever it is there is no denying that Florida has a certain balmy romantic feel to it that makes it a perfect honeymoon destination!

The Beaches

Obviously, Florida is known for its beaches. When most people are asked what their ideal Florida honeymoon is, usually the top answers in some way involve A beach. If you like the idea of a secluded beach where you can have a romantic picnic with your sweetheart. If you enjoy walking barefoot hand in hand along the water's edge. If you dream of spectacular scenery and tropic sunsets then Florida is the romantic place of your dream!  

Outdoor Opportunities

Aside from the beaches Florida's gulf coast has a huge array of outdoor adventure opportunities perfect for young honeymooners.  Did you know Florida has 171 State parks with a vast array of habitats, ecosystems, and wildlife just waiting to be explored? 


Compared to other popular honeymoon destinations Florida's Gulf Coast is very affordable. The money you save on airfare and other long distance travel expenses can instead be used for accommodation upgrades, romantic upscale restaurants, a guided adventured through the gorgeous Florida wilderness, or simply be put in the bank! 

So now you know why you should book a Florida Honeymoon, but what about where you should honeymoon? Well, that depends on what you are looking for in a Florida honeymoon getaway...

Florida Honeymoons for Nature Lovers.

If you are the outdoor type and looking for beautiful unspoiled beaches, romantic seclusion, and wildlife viewing opportunities we think you will enjoy the following places for your Florida honeymoon!

Lovers Key

Lovers Key is a short drive across the bridge from Fort Meyers but you would never know it once you arrive.  The peaceful laid back island feel is perfect for relaxing the day away. Book a room at Lovers Key Resort where they have both bay and gulf front views. If you love dolphins they can frequently be spotted in the bay which is why we recommend booking a room on the bay side. For a secluded beach experience Lovers Key state park is just a short walk from the resort. It's the perfect place to stake out your own quiet little patch of sand far from any other beach goers. You can even do a little wildlife watching!

Cape San Blas

This charming town is located on a long peninsula which makes it pretty much surrounded by water. The views are incredible and the beaches are in their natural state. The gulf side offers wide sandy beaches with sparkly aqua water while the bay side if great for fishing, shelling, boating, and kayaking. At the north end of the peninsula, you will find St Joseph Peninsula State Park. They have a wilderness preserve that makes a great day hike (permit required).

If you are the get outdoors type you will love this area. Cape San Blas is also one of the very few places that allow horseback riding on the beach so make sure to check that out if you love horses! Also, beach campfires are allowed and what's more romantic than a campfire on the beach under all those stars?

Mexico Beach

Mexico Beach has been described by some locals as a "Mayberry on the water." If you are looking for a busy exciting metropolis for your Florida honeymoon, this is definitely not your place. You also won't find any big chain stores or restaurants here. Everything is locally owned and that is a big part of its charm!

If you want beautiful uncrowded beaches and a small town with a laid back island feel this is your place! Here, no one is in a hurry and everyone waves and smiles when you pass on by.

Days are often spent at the beach and evenings you can often find live local music and dancing at many of the locally owned restaurants. there is nothing like good music, dancing, and cocktails under an open starry sky!

St George Island

This 28-mile barrier island is the ultimate tranquil Florida beach town.  Here there are no high rises, chain stores, and you can walk or ride your bike anywhere you want to be on the island! It's also a known stopover for many migratory birds in the spring and fall so be on the lookout for rare species when taking your morning or evening strolls.  The St George Lighthouse is located at the center of the island and is a spectacular backdrop for those honeymoon selfies! 

Florida Honeymoons for City Lovers

If you love stunning well-groomed beaches, Culture, the arts, spas that will pamper you, great shopping, and world-class dining then consider these places for your Florida honeymoon.


If you love shopping, great food, and the arts the city of Sarasota is a perfect choice.  Known for its arts scene, theater, and music you will be sure to have plenty to do and make some great memories on your  Florida honeymoon getaway! If you love art and history be sure to visit The Ringling while in Sarasota. Plan a day for it and be sure to tour the Bayfront Gardens as well. They are beautiful! 


The Worlds Luckiest Fishing Village has wide white sandy beaches and picture perfect turquoise water. You really have to see it to believe it!  If you are looking for a Caribbean style vacation, Destin beaches and waters have been said to not only compare but even rival beaches of the Caribbean!

If you are looking for an exciting adventure take one of the offshore fishing excursions Destin is known for. You will both have a blast! Afterward, you both can indulge in the other thing Destin is known for, their fantastic dining and shopping! 


If variety if you thing then Tampa is probably for you! Here you can find yourself experiencing everything from thrilling roller coasters at Bush Gardens to nature, wildlife, and tranquility kayaking down the little manatee river paddling trail. This City has a TON to offer no matter what your taste!

St Petersburg

Nicknamed "Sunshine City" St Petersburg holds the record for most consecutive days of brilliant Florida sunshine! Aside from all that sunshine, St Pete is a cultural hub with great shopping and restaurants that will make the foodie in you think you have entered paradise. Well, the good news is you have!

If You Want the Best of Both Worlds


Having problems deciding? Naples is truly a Florida gem! Poised next to the Everglades adventures are sure to ensue! The beaches here are absolutely breathtaking with some of the calmest tranquil waters on the entire gulf coast! They have a fantastic shopping district as well as incredible dining establishments. You will have a ton to keep yourself busy! 

No matter where you decide to spend your Florida honeymoon don't forget to make time to simply relax. After all, it is your honeymoon!

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