Apalachicola is one of those towns that tug at your memory and give you a warm feeling of nostalgia. I personally have lost my heart utterly and completely to this charming little coastal town. The locals are friendly, the food is world class, the shopping is great, and there is history in every square inch of the place. It's easy to imagine that you have walked back in time as you stroll through the downtown district. It's the kind of place a writer would come to as inspiration and escape for their next novel. Don't just take my word for it, though. Come see it for yourself. It is well worth the effort.

Things To Do In Apalachicola

There are lots of options to do in this little yet colorful town. If you like history I always enjoy the self-guided historical tour as well as their maritime museum. If you are into art the  museum of art is a great stop. If you love nature the best way to see the area is to get out and explore by kayak or paddle board. Some of the most breathtaking sights I have ever seen was while I was paddling along the shore of the bay. The wildlife and marine life are abundant and incredibly varied here. The sunsets are heart stopping. For an in-depth look at what I have already mentioned plus more read my things to do page. 

Places to stay

Whenever I visit a place I love to stay somewhere that has history and character. I am a bread and breakfast in a historical house kind of girl. Which is why this is one of my favorite places to plan a weekend trip too. There are some of the most lovely historical inns and bread and breakfast here. To see more of all the places to stay along with my favorite recommendations see my article Apalachicola Hotels. (coming soon)

Where To Eat

My biggest surprise the first time I came here was the absolutely world class food! For a unique old world formal dining experience, you must have dinner at Gormley's at the historic Gibson Inn. It is an elegant formal night out with award-winning classic and modern cuisine that you will remember long after you have returned to your home. It is well worth the splurge. To read about Gormley's as well as the many other decadent and casual restaurants see my article Apalachicola Restaurants. (coming soon)

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