The first time I visited Pensacola I was in awe of the cities bustling energy. Everywhere I looked there seemed to be something that caught my eye.  I am fist and foremost a beach girl at heart so the jaw dropping white sandy beach was my favorite place we visited. If I get particular is was Santa Rosa island that grabbed my heart. There were, however, many more things I thoroughly enjoyed about the city while I was there. The history of the town is definitely worth exploring in its own right. I think you will be as surprised as I was at what all you will find. 

Places to stay 

As I have not stayed here personally since it is not that far from where I live I made a point to do some thorough investigating of some of the best places to stay when visiting. After talking to people who lived in the city as well as people who stay there frequently I came up with the following list of recommendations.  To see the list of bead and breakfasts, hotels, and rooms for rent that I loved, see my article on Pensacola Hotels.

Pensacola Restaurants 

While I love exploring I also love a good meal. I think that eating as local and authentically as possible is a very important to really get a feel of the city you are exploring. I have made a list of my favorite places to eat when I visit here. I Have written an article that details the restaurants that keep my coming back again and again. Don't let that stop you from visiting other places, though. Exploring new places is what keeps life interesting! To read about my favorite places to dine see my article Pensacola restaurants

Things to do 

This city has an old soul and a beautiful face. There are so many things to see and do here. I love all the history and historical tours and of course the beach is just spectacular! Click the highlighted text to see an article about some of my own favorite things to do while in town. 

Local Festivals and Events

Did you know Mardi Gras originated in Mobile Alabama which is just across the bay? While Mardi Gras is one of their more famous festivals they also have a year around line-up of events and local festivals that are definitely worth checking out.  I have gathered a list along with the time of year and description of events that you can read about in my article Pensacola festivals. (coming soon)

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