Top Anna Maria Island Attractions

Top Anna Maria Island Attractions

Anna Maria Island attractions might convince you that this is the place to stay if you are looking for a fabulous vacation for two on the Gulf Coast.

Anna Maria is a barrier island in south Florida positioned less than 10 miles west of Bradenton and about 13 miles directly north of Long Boat Key. The island is split into three main sections: Central Island, North Island, and South Island. Each of these areas have their own advantages for a vacation, and you don’t have to pick just one to plan a trip that entertains, relaxes, and energizes each member of your family or travel group.

Best Anna Maria Island Attractions: 

Following are some of the best Anna Maria Island attractions, each guaranteed to please in their own unique way.

  • Fishing with Miss Cortez: This is a fishing boat that will take you out on the water for a fishing expedition. You may also want to pack a picnic lunch and bring a camera to capture the dolphins and sea birds that may cross your path. There are also a few fishing piers on the island if you prefer to sink your pole while keeping your feet on dry land. 
Golf in Florida
  • Golf in Bradenton: There is one private golf course on Santa Maria Island, but most visitors head into the city of Bradenton to play some of the leading courses in Florida. Two popular options are the Waterlefe Golf and River Club on Fish H. Cove and the River Run Golf Course on 27th Street East. The Waterlefe course is host to many PGA events, so it will give you the most challenge.

  • Catch a Show: The Manatee Performing Arts Center is the perfect place to find an entertaining show. The selections change regularly, so you’ll have to see the schedule to determine the show’s suitability to your travel partners.

  • Multitask at the Rod & Reel Pier: This is a restaurant that doubles as a fishing pier. It’s the perfect fishing spot if you want to spend time with someone who doesn’t enjoy the quiet waiting game of this activity. You can have a few drinks, order delicious snacks, and simply spend time together while creatures of the sea put on a show in the water before you.

  • Shopping on Pine Avenue: This is one of the best places to pick up souvenirs or splurge on items from small boutiques and unique shops. There are many restaurants mixed in with small shops, so you can people watch while having lunch, enjoying a snack, or simply sipping coffee between activities.

  • Pedal the Island: One of the best ways to meander through a day of leisure is to rent a bike and head out in any direction that strikes your fancy. Pedal your way to the water’s edge and spend some time hopping waves on the shore, or make your way to one of many restaurants for delicious meal. You’ll discover small boutiques and many other treasures that you may otherwise drive right by.

  • A Day at Disney: Disney World and Busch Gardens are within a two-hour drive of the island. You can leave early and spend a day with the magical mouse, returning just in time to watch the sun set from the beach of your choice. Some visitors also spend a day or two in Orlando before venturing back to Anna Maria Island for a relaxing end to their whirlwind Florida vacation.

  • Stay in the Blue Lagoon Cottages: If you stay at the Blue Lagoon, you can spend a lot of your time lounging outside your cottage while staring at the 10-foot waterfall rising out of a heated pool. This pool is centered between the cottages and is the perfect backdrop for romantic nights.

Are you getting excited to visit Anna Maria Island? This is one of the best Florida destinations for family vacations as well as romantic getaways, and you may even consider making it your honeymoon spot to enjoy the many Anna Maria Island attractions.

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