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A Cape San Blas Florida Vacation is the perfect place to unwind and make some lasting memories. There is something about those small quaint Florida towns that really take you back to your childhood. Things were so much simpler when all you had to do is play in the sun and wait for the ice cream man! Cape San Blas is exactly that kind of place. It's ice cream, Sunshine, beaches, and bicycles all wrapped up in that old Florida feel so many remember growing up. The cape has so much to offer you won't be disappointed if you choose Cape San Blas Florida for your next getaway! 

Cape San Blas Florida Vacation-
So Much to Explore! 

Outdoor opportunities abound on the Cape which makes it a perfect vacation for a couple who loves getting outdoors! The best part about the cape is you can either explore the calm clear waters of St Joseph Bay or the emerald green waters of the Gulf! St Joseph Peninsula State Park is located on the far tip of the peninsula. Some great activities to do while on your Cape San Blas Florida vacation include the following.

⦁    Hiking and Biking 

There are many hiking trails located near and around the Cape that make a perfect day hike!.  For something short try The Maritime Florida Nature Trail (0.39 of a mile) or The Bayview Trail (700 yards) located in the state park. They wind you through the bluffs of St Joseph Bay and along a variety of coastal ecosystems and habitats.  

For something longer the Logger Run Bike Path is 8 miles long and runs the length of the cape along the bay from Salinas Park (located at the beginning of the Cape) all the way to St Joseph Peninsula State Park.  As you can tell by its name it's also excellent for biking. 

Now if you are a real die-hard hiker go by the ranger station at the state park and ask for a permit to hike The Wilderness Preserve Trail located at the tip of the cape within the state park. WARNING this trail is not for the faint of heart! It's a lengthy 14-mile round trip. It contains lots of hills and the path consists of deep sand. Also, there is no bathrooms or water along the way so be sure to pack plenty of water! In the Florida, heat dehydration can set in quickly! If you are up for it though the hike is well worth it with gorgeous views and a ton of wildlife to see. Completing also gives you plenty of bragging rights to write home about after your Cape San Blas Florida vacation.

⦁    Kayaking & Paddleboarding

St Joseph Bay is cradled to the south and east by Cape San Blas. The mainland protects it from the north. The bay waters, as a result, are calm and flat which makes them perfect for a paddleboard or kayaking excursion! 

As an added bonus St Vincent Island National Wildlife Refuge is within easy paddling distance.  This 9-mile uninhabited barrier island is a refuge for many endangered species of wildlife and many types of birds. This is something unique to the area and is a must on any Cape San Blas Florida Vacation.

On the Island you might encounter bald eagles, wild hogs, sea turtles, red wolves, and numerous shorebirds and other avian species.  If you are not up for paddling over you can hop a ferry for $10.00 a person at Indian Pass just east of the Cape. 

⦁    Snorkeling, Shelling, and Scalloping

The Bay side of Cape San Blas is teaming with shells and marine life. St Joseph Bay has one of the most abundant diverse ecosystems, pristine waters, and species of plants and animals found anywhere in Florida! This is because St Joseph Bay is one of the few bays that is completely uninfluenced by fresh water. It's protectively surrounded by the Cape and that combined with the high salinity (comparable to the Gulf) creates the perfect environment for plants and marine life to thrive. It is not uncommon to find horse conch, moon snails, sand dollars, and olive snails when wading near the shore. 

In deeper water, you can find lightning whelk, horse conch, fighting conch, and tulip shells. Also be on the lookout for a variety of crabs, rays, sea horses, sea stars, and many different species of saltwater fish. You might even spot a dolphin or two! Tip-For the best water for snorkeling go to the west end of the bay. It usually has the clearest water!

⦁    Landscape and Wildlife Photography

A Cape San Blas Florida vacation wouldn't be complete without photos to capture all the memories you will be making! With all the different ecosystems, varied environments, and wildlife surrounding the area you can imagine that this truly a photographer paradise. Everywhere you look is photography gold and you really can't go wrong. One hot spot is the boardwalk at Salinas Park at the base of the cape. The grass flats are stunning and the water lights up like liquid gold when the sun sets to the west! 

Another particularly beautiful area can be found just a bit farther up past Salinas Park. When you see the beginning of the stone seawall to the left pull over in that little parking area. Here you can find a little beach that is studded with the remnants of ancient cypress trees and LOTS of driftwood.  They give they beach a wild remote and mysterious feel that really comes across in photos. If you ever wanted to do a mermaid photo shoot this is the place you would want to do it!

⦁    Star Gazing

Cape San Blas is over an hour drive from any major cities and 25 min from even the small ones. There is little to no light pollution leaving nature as the star of the show! The stars shine bright above the water and make a striking picture over the Gulf of Mexico and St Joseph Bay. Click here to learn how to make your own star finder to use on you Cape San Blas Florida Vacation!

⦁    Fishing

Gulf County Florida has some of the best fishing in the Florida panhandle. The Bay is teaming with marine life and provides numerous places for great fishing. Two top places on the cape are particularly great for fishing from the beach itself. Earlier I mentioned The beach on the left with all the driftwood and cypress tree stumps right before the sea wall started at the beginning of the cape. Well, its a hot spot for fishing and you can almost always find someone out there casting a line. 

Another very popular spot is the gulf side of Salinas Park. Here the beach is wide, and the sand hard packed.  It very easy to cart all your fishing gear down to the water. It's also great for riding your bike along the beach which you will see many people doing if you go. Keep a look out for horseback riders as guided trail rides are also done on this beach. Campfires are allowed here so build a camp fire and cook your catch! Enjoy sitting around the fire watching the waves and counting the stars. A perfect summer doesn't get any better than that! 

We have only covered some of the many things to do on your Cape San Blas Florida Vacation. The best thing is first hand experience so get out thee and explore this natural paradise! 

Cape San Blas Florida Vacation
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