About Me

There's something about the Florida gulf coast that's different than anywhere else.

Throughout my life I've always had a love of water. As a kid you would frequently find me near the closest lake, pond, river, or even creek.

Nothing, however, prepared me for the way I felt the first time I visited the gulf coast and saw the Gulf of Mexico.

I'll never forget walking up the boardwalk on that cloudless sunny day with the palm trees swaying over head and the smell of Coppertone strong in my nose.

As I crested the top of the dune, there it was the Gulf spread out before me. The water was a brilliant blue and the sand so pristine white it actually hurt my eyes.

I watched the sun sparkling on the water and inhaled that wonderful salt air that all ocean lovers know and crave.

It was the most beautiful and striking moment of my life. It was literally post card perfect.

I told myself right then that I would do anything it took to make this place my home. I never wanted to be far from the Gulf again.

One Week is all it took for us to rent an apartment, sell everything that wouldn't fit in our car and move to Florida's Emerald Coast. It was the best decision we ever made.

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